April in Vancouver

Thinking of visiting Vancouver in April? This article will cover some annual events & expectations during your trip. The most unpredicatable of which is the weather. Now most BBVancouver guests will complain that the weather in April is too cool, or too wet. Vancouverites, on the other hand will be stepping out side after a long, hard cold & wet winter. Winter weather is cold here, that's a fact. Summer weather is warm and the nights are long, guaranteed. Spring & fall, on the otherhand can be unpredictable. The slightest sliver of sunshine will have every convertible roof down in this city. Double digit temperatures will result in a crowded Sea Wall. The fact that it is NOT raining will have locals talking about how lovely it is outside. So packing for Vancouver in April can be a challange: bring the Gore Tex, fleece & wool, but don't forget to pack some T shirts & sandles.

April is the start of Vancouver's Alaska Cruise ship season. These cruise ships run between The most in demand cruise is typically during