February in Vancouver (by Randy Vogel)

I say Vancouver's weather in February is excellent...if you are a duck. What I mean is that most days are 5-10 degrees Celsius (40-50 dregrees Fahrenheit) with a most definate chance of low clouds &/or showers. Quack-Quack. Even with this pre-recorded forcast, there are still many reasons to stay at one of our BBVancouver.com properties during this month. Infact, we get more Repeat Guests then any other month.

Why stay at BBVancouver.com in Feburary?

  • Lowest prices of the year
  • -40% Nightly Discount typically in effect
  • -50% Weekly Discount typically in effect
  • Birthday get-a-way
  • Anniversary get-a-way
  • Valentine's Month get-a-way
  • Visit friends/relatives
  • Host friends/relatives
  • Home city vacation
  • Staycation (with kids at Hycroft Suites)
  • Staycation (kid-free at Granville House B&B)
  • Hospital related (surgery, visit or work)
  • See a Vancouver Canuck's Hockey game
  • Pre/Post Whistler ski trip
  • Diversion when ski conditions are bad
  • Attractions have less crowds (see /Map)
  • Restaurants have more available tables (see /Map)
  • Driving is cheaper than flying
  • Canadian Dollar is low

When we ask why our repeat guests choose Feburary, most will say they are visiting friends or family for extended (one week or longer) stays when their business is slow (most are self employed), and Vancouver accommodations, attractions & restaurants are generally cheap & available. The cold &/or wet weather is not an issue as most guests are focused on connecting with friends or family. Many of our repeat guests live in other cities and like to keep in touch with their roots, while others may want to expose their spouse or kids to their home town. Although Vancouver can be beautiful & warm in the summer months, some may find this overwhelming. In Feburary, you can see many fabulous Vancouver attractions without lineups or crowds, or get that perfect table at your favourite restaurant. Pam & I will often make reservations for guests at many of our recommended Attractions or Restaurants (see /Map page), and this task is much easier with less disappointment for everyone in Feburary.

Why is Feburary a good value month? My best guess is that most people generally travel when children are out of school: the Holiday Season, Spring Break & Summer Break. Very few families can travel outside these dates. Those without kids typically are realizing the true cost of the holiday season, which can be especially hard for the self employed in a seasonal industry. That equates to very low demand for accommodations, attractions & restaurants from both foriegn & domestic groups. Low demand can often create lower prices &/or greater access. Where July & August can be expensive & crowded in Vancouver, I personally find Feburary the opposite with my money going further with less disappointment. So if that birthday, anniversary or trip can not wait, there is no better value month than Feburary to be visiting BBVancouver.com