Granville Island, Vancouver's #1 Tourist Attraction

by Randy Vogel,

Yes, Granville Island is Vancouver's #1 tourist attraction destination! OK, so it is the #1 verifiable tourist destination, as in it is realtively easy to count the traffic & pedestrians entering the island (which has one access road, which makes it more of a penisula). I could argue that the Vancouver Sea Wall is the cities #1 Tourist Destination, as I am sure, every day, more people step foot on the 28 kilometer (17 mile) Vancouver Sea Wall than would step foot on Granville Island, but I could not prove it. There is no single access point, and no way to avoid missing people, or double accounting for some. So Granville Island will remain Vancouver's official #1 Tourist destination until we can sort this kind of stuff out.

That said, I would guess ALL BBVancouver guests have visited Granville Island at least once. If not, I am sure they will be back for this experience soon.

Why is Granville Island so popular? Well, first off, it is free. With free (4 hour) parking. In the centre of the city. With great restaurants & pubs. On the sea wall. It is a great destination for out of town guests, or locals shopping for that special dinner party. It is VERY kid friendly, but adults like it too. This is a very popular first date/engagement destination. Come to think of it, my wife Pam likes to go here for her birthdays, or to meet her girl friends after work. People bike, run, walk, kayak here, but most still drive or taxi. This place is the most demographically diverse free attraction in Vancouver, and remains the #1 place for BBVancouver guests to visit.

Here is what the Granville Island website has to say: Go on, you deserve a little temptation. If Granville Island is the king of Vancouver destinations, then the Public Market is the jewel in the Island’s crown. A fascinating assortment of colourful stalls, showcasing unique homemade products and the very finest in gastronomic delights. All fresh from the ocean, the oven or the field. Try closing your eyes right now and imagine the rich aromas permeating from the lavish displays. Shimmering seafood, warm baked goods, plump fruit.

Okay, stop. That’s enough torture. Come and browse
for yourself and see just why words don’t begin to describe it.