January in Vancouver (by Randy Vogel)

January for us (BBVancouver.com) has all the attributes of a 7 year old on a sugar high: we are very busy from the start (3...2....1....Happy New Year!!!), and after the kids go back to school by say, mid January, our occupancy can crash. To be honest, we love both these personalities in our accommodations business as being full brings us amazing guests that value what we do, but sometimes it is nice to have the house to ourselves too.

So let me breakdown why January is a good month to book your accommodations at BBVancouver.com, home of Granville House B&B and Hycroft Suites:

  • Lowest BBVancouver.com rates of the year
  • 3...2...1...Happy New Year!!
  • Polar Bear Swim
  • Robson Square free ice skating
  • Holiday Season
  • Post holiday sales
  • You are on holiday
  • Your kids are on holiday
  • You & your kids are on holiday
  • Visit your family for holidays
  • Visit your in-laws for holidays
  • Show spouse/kids your home town
  • Grouse Mountain ski season
  • Cypress Mountain ski season
  • Mount Seymour ski season
  • Pre/post Whistler/Blackcomb trip
  • Vancouver Canucks hockey game
  • Vancouver Boat Show (3rd week)
  • Dine-Out Vancouver (15-31)

January's split tourism personality is caused by the holiday season. Everyone wants to come to Vancouver for the winter holiday season. Why? Well, Vancouver is consistently ranked one of the most (if not THE most) livable cities in the world. We are located in the Great White North of Canada on the wet coast close to some of the worlds best skiing...and we hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics (we are so over Expo 1986). So winter is kind of our thing. When the world wants a winter holidays, Vancouver is a top destination. Turns out, the world has to go back to work (or school) by the middle of the month. With that in mind, when booking your January trip to Vancouver, consider wether you are booking pre or post mid January;

January01-15: The sugar high

Granville House B&B is typically shut down during this time (check /Reservations). This is peak season for Hycroft Suites, so we recommend you book 3-6 months in advance in one or two week blocks using Trip Cancellation Insurance. Most of our recommended attractions & restaurants (see /Map page) will require advanced booking or reservations to avoid disappointment. Although Vancouver & Whistler/Blackcomb are near tourist capacity, there are many locals who jet set to warmer (or better skiing) destinations, which makes this town much less busy than July & August. We find most of our Hycroft Suites guest are in town to visit friends &/or family, so large group bookings can be tough to get.

January 15-31: The crash

This is Sleepy Hallow time for Hycroft Suites, but some of our Granville House B&B guests like to travel when children are in school. At any rate, most tourists have gone back to work (or school). Many credit cards are maxed out, or the first wave of terrifying holiday bills are coming in. Less people travel. Much less spend money. This is the PERFECT time to enjoy what you want, when you want, at a price less than asked only a few days earlier by most merchants. Do you have a birthday, anniversay or getaway during this time? Granville House B&B may be an excellent destination for you. Keep in mind, many of our late January guests will be within a 6 hour drive (think Portland/Victoria/Kelowna), or within a 3 hour flight (typically California/Alberta). Although cheap flights are easy to find, driving is easy. 

Looking for an excuse to come? The Vancouver Boat Show typically runs during the 3rd week in January and, like any home or auto show, is a great way for boat owners, potential boat owners, or just lookie-loos to get up close and personal with some of the best in west coast boats, electronics and leisure toys. Tourism Vancouver's annual Dine-Out Vancouver program typically runs January 15-31 which is when the best restaurants (and some of the worlds top chefs) offer 3 or 5 course meals at a fraction of their regular cost. As a boater myself, I caution all husbands bring their wifes for birthdays or anniversaries to only consider the Boat Show if you book your wife the spa package. Personally, Dine-Out Vancouver is what I look forward to when mulling over my holiday VISA statements or the latest boating accessary.